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A Literary Journey from Bloody Scotland to Ancient Egypt

Join Us to Explore Egypt’s Majesty on a Novel-Inspired Tour

So you’ve been enjoying Bloody Scotland have you? If crime fiction is your favourite, then we’ve got the adventure-of-a-lifetime waiting right here in exciting Egypt!

For crime readers looking to unpick a mystery in a setting reminiscent of the golden age of travel, Egypt is the jewel of the Nile. Alongside Agatha Christie, the queen of crime fiction, many contemporary crime writers have set their bestsellers here.

Our unique luxury literary tours offer you the chance to explore a place that has borne a wealth of literary works. Egypt is as much the main character as the human protagonist in many novels. Explore its ancient sites and busy streets to find out why.

Our library is full of exciting tours for every reader. From crime-busting characters to romantic dramas, we’re certain you’ll find something to spark your imagination with our range of Agatha Christie tours in Egypt, as well as tours inspired by Noel Barber and Rosie Thomas

Curious about the many literary connections with Egypt? Download our free booklist to get a flavour of the literature inspired by this fascinating country.

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    Or, better yet, walk in the footsteps of your favourite characters! Join us on our literary tours and let the Egypt-based crime capers begin. 

    Book your tour by January 31, 2023 for travel any time next year and you’ll get a free unique experiences that will make your Egypt excursion even better. Sign up and we’ll send you a special code to use while booking. 

    Follow the footsteps of Agatha Christie's greatest characters

    Bring the pages to life in front of your eyes

    At Literary Tours in Egypt, we have several tours inspired by the queen of crime fiction – Agatha Christie. Her world-famous murder mystery story, Death on the Nile, is set along the smooth waters of the Nile River. But what happens aboard the river steamer is far from calming…

    The tranquillity of Poirot’s cruise is shattered by the discovery that Linnet Ridgeway has been fatally shot. She was young, stylish and beautiful, a girl who had everything – until she lost her life. The Belgian (not French!) detective’s vacation becomes a busman’s holiday as he must solve this gripping whodunnit. 

    Let us turn this story from page to place on our signature Death on the Nile tour. Set during the glamorous 1930s, you can follow the trail of the inimitable Hercule Poirot and investigate your Aswan-based affair. 

    Go back in time and experience the elegance and luxury of Egypt’s grand hotels, where Christie wrote some of her most popular works.

    You too can cruise on the Nile in five-star luxury, though the journey will be much more calming than Poirot’s! 

    This exceptional eight-day tour means you can soak up plenty of local atmosphere and culture, with our specially trained guides. 

    The Death on the Nile tour is just one of several Agatha Christie-inspired tours we have in our library. If you’re looking to unravel more mysteries on your Egyptian journey, why not try our 15-day luxury Agatha Christie Tour? Beyond her classic novel, this adventure encompasses the historical, Death Comes as the End, and another Poirot short story – The Adventure of The Egyptian Tomb.

    Book your tour by January 2023 for travel any time next year and you’ll get a free unique experience that will make your Egypt excursion even better.

    Sign up and we’ll send you a special code to use while booking. 

    Our Personalised Guided Tours of Egypt are Perfect for Avid Readers

    There are thousands of riveting reads written about this ancient and fascinating country to guide how you explore it. If you’d like to embark on a tour outside of our current classics, let us know! 

    We can design a literary tour of Egypt inspired by your favourite book. Our tailor-made tours allow every literature-loving traveller to see Egypt through the lens of their favourite writer.

    With more than 30 years of experience in creating bespoke tours, the Literary Tours in Egypt team is ideally placed to create the excursion of your dreams. Centred on your favourite Cairo-based classic, we can curate a trip that includes the country’s archaeological wonders alongside the sites of your selected book.   

    If you’re ready to explore the splendour of the Nile Valley and immerse yourself in the historic Cairo streets, we’d love to help make your literary dreams come true. Not ready to travel just yet? Download the list of our favourite books to be whisked away through the pages instead:

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